Smart Vicino PC

SMART VICINO PC it's a simple system that offers the possibility of associating the infinite prescriptions from afar and the necessary addition to try accommodative aid lenses and PC digressive lenses.

The system is equipped with 4 TRYLENSES EASY with a distance of 60-63-66-70 respectively to get closer to perfect centering.

Each proposed lens test will always take place with TRYLENSES EASY glasses that will allow you to correctly center the proposed lenses. The control takes place through two control templates within the system.

SMART VICINO PC is a system for testing monofocal lenses, for accommodative help, degressive lenses for PC.

The system consists of a series of 40 pre-shaped lenses for spherical correction with variable power from 0.00 to +/-%5.0.

In case of high ametropias and astigmatic correction the system is equipped with two adapters to use the lenses of the test box.

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