The World

The World

360° Experience around the Clipsystem world
lenses of value

Clipsystem represents a real opportunity of innovation for the optics market.
Being a Clipsystem partner means innovating towards new business opportunities.
In Clipsystem world, you will get much more than a system, because the Clipsystem staff will help you to introduce your customers to this revolutionary system and to communicate it adequately to the medical class. The medical class see positively Clipsystem because it allows their patients to try on lenses and to rely to an Optical Centre of double Value as double will be the guarantee.
The first is the guarantee of the experience of the unique exclusive test for the Partner Optical Centers and the second is the guarantee of proposal adaptation by the companies in the industry.


Il Kit Merchandising

The Clipsystem merchandising kit features custom elements for your Optical Centre, to promote Clipsystem in your Optical Centre:

  • Brochures for the public and dispensers
  • E-mail to send to your contacts
  • Showcase sign
  • Post for social network
  • Banner for your site
  • Magnetic communication
  • Information letter to be sent to ophthalmologists


Support and Assistance

Clipsystem is first of all a service made available to Optical Centres, so we also offer training and assistance for those who enter this innovative world for the first time.
In addition to receiving support and assistance, you can rely on the Coaching hours made available by the experience of Roberto Pregliasco, teacher and trainer, as well as CEO of Clipsystem
Clipsystem is a world of experience, innovation and services, a real look to the future for the optics market!